General Mills Invented a 'Selfie Spoon' for Posting Your Breakfast Duckface

McCann Created Limited Edition Spoon for Cinammon Toast Crunch

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Sep 24, 2015

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With selfie sticks so ubiquitous now, it was time someone took the idea to the next level. General Mills has done that, with the creation of a "Selfie Spoon" for Instagramming yourself eating cereal.

While it might sound like a joke, the product has genuinely been created as part of a campaign by McCann for Cinammon Toast Crunch. According to James Dawson Hollis, McCann Global ECD, in a statement: "This was nearly a six-month process of prototypes, adjustments and customization."

The Selfie Spoon, which is available for a limited time, extends up to 30 inches, has a remote and a spoon on one end. GeneralMills says Cinnamon Toast Crunch is releasing 100 spoons per day (spoons are free, but there is a charge for shipping and handling). Last Monday, the product sold out within two hours -- so there's clearly an appetite for cereal selfies. Get practicing your Cinammon Toast crunching duckface now.