People brave the condom aisle, question their vasectomies in new Sheetz campaign

Joan Creative was behind the new 'Why the Sheetz not?' brand platform

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Mar 11, 2022

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A new brand campaign from convenience store chain Sheetz from Joan Creative has fun with the ridiculous—but also totally relatable—inner monologues of its shoppers.

In one spot, a woman is torn as she stands before the retailer’s selection of condoms. She really needs some prophylactics, but she’s paralyzed about having to pay for them with a real human at the check-out counter. A bright idea pops into her head—she’ll use Sheetz’ mobile checkout app!  “Use the ‘Sheetz Go’ app to scan and go, and walk right out that door with all your condoms,” the sultry voiceover says. “Go ahead girl! Three more packs of condoms!”

That’s just one scenario illustrating the brand’s new tagline, “Why the Sheetz Not?” It encapsulates the sense of liberation Sheetz customers feel thanks to its various offerings, whether it’s self-checkout through the app, the brand’s made-to-order menu and more.



Another spot, for example, depicts a man at home in his living room. He’s enjoying a custom sandwich he made at Sheetz, and he’s so proud of his creation that he questions a recent big decision.

“You just got a vasectomy,” the voiceover says. “Should you have gotten a vasectomy? Yes, kids are noisy, smell weird, but if you can create this custom sandwich at Sheetz, what kind of kid would you create? Mmmm. Undo the vasectomy. Why the Sheetz not?”. 


Ryan Sheetz, VP of marketing and brand at Sheetz called the new “Why the Sheetz Not?”  brand positioning “a big, bold platform pointing to a limitless future for Sheetz as we continue to expand.”

The company was founded in 1952 in Altoona, Pennsylvania and operates more than 640 store locations in its home state along with West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Ohio and North Carolina.



The integrated campaign spans TV, social, out-of-home, radio and even audio at Sheetz gas station pumps. Nina Lee helmed the campaign out of  Joan's in-house production arm Joan Studios. Lee is a first-time commercial director and is behind the short film "Artistic," which earned recognition at the Chicago International Film Festival. Joan Studios also produced upwards of 130 assets for the push.

Joan was also behind the retailer’s comprehensive new visual system, featuring bold graphics that further underscore the platform’s theme of liberation. It includes an original typeface created with NYC-based designer, illustrator and artist Timothy Goodman. . Harmelin Media is handling media for the push. 

Joan won creative agency of record duties for Sheetz last year and was previously behind a campaign featuring a pop-up game show in a Sheetz parking lot, hosted by Wayne Brady.