Shell's reality series challenges people to race across the U.S. while keeping their carbon footprint tiny

Kaley Cuoco hosts 'The Great Travel Hack' targeting young audience keen on travel

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Mar 21, 2019

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Shell has created a branded content series called "The Great Travel Hack," in which it challenges two teams of young people to travel across the USA using the lowest amount of carbon emissions they can. 

Hosted by sitcom star Kaley Cuoco, and aimed at a young audience keen on travel, it follows the teams as they are allowed to choose from different models of low carbon transportation available for their journey from L.A. to New York. This includes 30 different forms of transport, from electric vehicles and hydrogen- powered cars to electric boats, CNG fueled buses, electric skate boards and Segways. To win, they have to travel with the lowest amount of CO2 emissions.

The series plays out on YouTube over five episodes showing five different legs of the journey and the teams choose from different options for each episode. Actual Shell branding includes a moment in the first episode when the team stops at a Shell station for hydrogen-powered vehicles in Torrance, California. 

The content series is part of Shell's ongoing "Make the Future" campaign, launched in 2014, which is focused on clean energy.  "It's about having more engaging conversations about the future of energy," says Dean Aragon, Global VP Brand at Shell.

Aragon adds that it was inspired by Shell's Eco-Marathon, an annual competition for students to design different modes of transport. In the series, we see the teams being aided by "Mission Control," a team of experts including Shell employees and Shell Eco-marathon students who offer advice.

The series launches today across YouTube running in the U.S., U.K., Netherlands and Australia. Shell is planning two further series are planned in which teams will travel across Europe and Asia. 

J Walter Thompson is the lead creative agency on the project, working with a cross agency team from VaynerMedia, Edelman, UEG and Mediacom. Carnage worked on production.