The Simpsons Get Lego-fied in Upcoming Episode 'Brick Like Me'

Homer, Bart and Marge Get All Bricked Out for Sunday's Episode

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May 01, 2014

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Our favorite animated family The Simpsons, who turn 25 this year, kicked off its celebration in January with an announcement that they would be partnering with Lego --which, of course, has had its share of the spotlight with the launch of The Lego Movie in February.

Around that time, the toy brand also released special Simpsons-themed construction sets, which would coincide with an upcoming episode, of the popular animated show. Fox just released the trailer to the upcoming show, "The Simpsons Lego Spectacular," which debuts (Yay!) this Sunday on Fox.

This isn't the first time LEGO and the Simpsons have teamed up. In a more informal way, Jung von Matt put the two together in a cool print campaign a couple of years ago.