This vegan nuggets brand made a 'flying chicken' an internet sensation

Stunt from Rethink created buzz around plant-based Simulate Nuggs

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Mar 23, 2022

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Earlier this month, Canadians were mystified by footage of a chicken apparently flying over the Vancouver skyline. The clip, which originally appeared on a sub-reddit, also subsequently went viral on TikTok and Instagram

Chickens aren't usually seen soaring in the sky, so there was much debate over the explanation. Could this be another Birds Aren't Real conspiracy? 

It turned out the stunt was the work of Simulate Nuggs, a plant-based vegan nuggets brand distributed by McCain Canada, which wanted to create some buzz as well as get across the message that it tastes "like chicken but better."

Agency Rethink, known for its innovative Kraft Heinz campaigns like "Draw Ketchup," was behind the stunt, in its first work for the brand. It partnered with SFX Studio, a special effects company that builds animatronic animals for film and TV, to create the feathered aviators.  These were built to the exact specs of regular chickens; you may be relieved to hear that no animal products were involved in their creation.

Nuggs eventually revealed its hand in the chicken's flight in a YouTube video, seen here. It certainly seems to have got the brand on the radar in Canada -- even if real-life chickens remain below it. 


Mar 23, 2022
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