Dieters, Your Prayers Are Answered With Burger King's 'Single Fries'

Brand Sells Frites Individually in France (And Yes, It's an April Fools' Joke)

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Apr 01, 2016

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Burger King, obviously, isn't the joint to go to if you're watching your waistline, but now dieters might be willing to step inside the restaurant now that it's introduced "Single Fries."

Claiming that its burgers are so huge that they leave no room in eaters' tummies for a whole order of fries -- the fast feeder in France is now offering the frites one-by-one, each individually wrapped like a piece of candy. And get this--they're even served ins sizes small, medium and large and come with the sauce of your choice -- ketchup, mayo, mustard, curry or BBQ.

Um, and yes, this is an April Fool's Joke. It was created out of Buzzman, France, with which BK France has pulled off some clever stunts even outside of the jokesters' holiday.

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