Microsoft Pulls a 'Mac vs. PC' to Promote Cortana

This Time, However, Apple is John Hodgman

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Jul 28, 2014

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Remember 'Mac vs. PC"? TBWA/MAL's classic Apple campaign aimed to show the blundering, clunky aspects of working on a PC versus a Mac through a side by side comparison of the two computers, personified respectively by John Hodgman and Justin Long. Microsoft takes a similar A vs. B tactic in this new ad promoting its Windows Phone personal assistant app Cortana over Apple competitor Siri.

Only this time, however, it seems Apple's app takes on the bumbling "Hodgman" role when a user tests it out against Cortana. A user, for example, asks both an iPhone and a Nokia Lumia to remind him to get roses for his wife when he's near any flower shop. The latter says "Sure thing," while Siri responds, "Remind you when you get to flower shop."