Coke Literally Inserts Theatergoers in Films to Discourage Them from Making Noise

Saatchi Copenhagen Enlists a Retoucher and a Green Screen for Some Fun

Published On
Mar 12, 2014

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Everyone hates a slurper, or a popcorn-cruncher, or a fidgeter when it comes to sitting near or next to one in a movie. Coca Cola, which has often been behind PSAs that tell people to just keep down the annoying sounds when they're watching movies, has decided to get a little more public and pointed with a new stunt in Denmark. Created via Saatchi & Saatchi Copenhagen, the stunt took video of theatergoers as they waited about for the movie in the lobby of the theater, slurping their Coke loudly. Then, when people sat down for the movie, over-the-top Hollywood scenes began playing -- with a little addition. The people were digitally inserted into the scene, creepily watching, slurping away.