Warning: you may not be able to un-see Klarna's latest 'Smooth' ad

Swedish payment brand follows 'Mermaid dog' ad with more weird smoothness

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Apr 13, 2018

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Klarna, the Swedish payments brand whose spot featuring a swimming Afghan dog went viral on Instagram last year, is back with another weird "Smooth" film -- and this is one you may remember for different reasons.

The latest ad from agency Nord DDB features a bare-chested man putting on some music in his living room, whereupon his white belly ripples uncannily to the soundwaves. (Warning--if you're of squeamish disposition, you may not be able to un-see it.)

Martin Lundgren, creative at Nord DDB, says of the ad: "I guess you could say that we're still exploring the feeling of 'Smoooth' by trying to push the concept through the viewer's screen and into their body and soul. This time we're exploring the connection between skin and sound."

Whereas we can't see this going viral in the same way as "Mermaid Dog," this is definitely a brand carving out a distinctive niche for itself.