These murals are meant to deter people who pee in public

Ogilvy Paris put children's faces on ads as means to keep outdoor spaces urine-free

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Jul 23, 2019

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No one will want to visit the new and improved Louvre if the city where it’s housed reeks of piss. Apparently, some Paris-dwellers have a habit of peeing in public.

According to Ogilvy Paris, which created an out-of-home campaign for the SNCF Nudge Unit to deter city residents from urinating wherever they please, the act is “multiplying” and the cleanup is “expensive.” Hot spots where this is occurring are train stations. One such station, La Gare des Mureaux, inside and out, has become an “official urinal.” So Ogilvy Paris painted murals on the corners of walls, in and around the station where people were relieving themselves, of athletes and children, drawing on the French love and respect for sports and reminding them that kids frequent these spots.SNCF Pee Mural

“When the kids are not there, having a footballer or a life-size basketball player staring at you when you want to relive yourself is another effective way to get people to respect societal rules,” the agency says. The murals have led to an 88 percent reduction in public urination.


Jul 23, 2019
Agency :
Ogilvy & Mather-Paris

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