Old Spice's New Robot Hero Has Zero Moves, Still Gets the Ladies

Old Spice's Mandroid Can't Keep the Ladies Away

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Jul 14, 2014

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Old Spice's newest hero couldn't be any further from the towel-clad Man Your Man Could Smell Like, his former foe Fabio, the irate Terry Crews or even those stalker moms. This time, Wieden + Kennedy Portland introduces the Mandroid -- a half man, half robot. In the charisma and warmth department he's sorely lacking. But his head-to-toe dousing Old Spice has the ladies flocking toward him despite his stiff movements and staccato speech. This spot, titled "Soccer" starts airing on television this week in conjunction with supporting web film "Night Club." Both were directed by MJZ's Tom Kuntz, who also shot the brand's MYMCSL ads.


Jul 14, 2014
Old Spice
Old Spice
Wieden & Kennedy-Portland
Tom Kuntz
Production Company:
Creative Director:
Craig Allen
Creative Director:
Jason Bagley
Nathaniel Lawlor
Art Director:
Ruth Bellotti
Art Director:
Croix Gagnon
Broadcast Producer:
Jeff Selis
Director, Broadcast Production:
Ben Grylewicz
Account Team:
Georgina Gooley
Account Team:
Nick Pirtle
Account Team:
Michael Dalton
Account Team:
Jessica Monsey
Executive Creative Director:
Susan Hoffman
Executive Creative Director:
Joe Staples
Executive Creative Director:
Mark Fitzloff
Executive Producer:
Scott Howard
Line Producer:
Emily Skinner
Editorial Company:
Work Editorial Inc
Executive Producer:
Erica Thompson
Rich Orrick
Producer Assistant:
Chris Moore
Sari Resnick
Sound Director:
Rich Orrick
Sound Director:
Gus Coven
Mix Company:
Lime Studios
Rohan Young

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