Coke's Middle East Team Creates a 'Social Media Guard'

Viral Film Shows a Funnel Designed to Get You off Social Media

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Feb 21, 2014

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This week, a YouTube account called "Coca Cola Social Media Guard" posted a hilarious, albeit slightly long film that found a solution to the constant texting and tweeting that prohibits real, face-to-face communication. It was a pet funnel that is usually used on dogs post surgery, painted red, complete with the Coke swirl, that you could put on your face, effectively stopping you from looking at your phone.

In response to a query about whether Coke was really behind the video, a spokeswoman said "We're flattered to be a part of this video. However, we're not clear who the mystery filmmaker is behind it."

Update: Turns out the video is part of a larger campaign by Coca Cola's Middle Eastern team, which, according to a spokeswoman, "takes a light-hearted look at how social media plays a big part in our daily lives, impacting the way that we share moments with each other. "