Stevia is just like cannabis in campaign from Splenda Naturals

Humanaut likens the natural sweetener to another increasingly popular plant

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Sep 26, 2019

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Splenda is taking a playful approach to get across the message that its Stevia sweetener is natural and plant-based by comparing it to another increasingly popular plant—cannabis.

In a humorous new campaign by Humanaut, a woman learns that Stevia is a plant from the voiceover and suddenly breaks character, asking: “Wait a minute, if Stevia’s a plant, what’s stopping people from growing it themselves?” We then see people cultivating Stevia at home in deliberate pot-based references: nurturing a garden of it in their basement, rebelling against their parents by cultivating it in their rooms and taking it in a baggie to the coffee shop. 

The voiceover meanwhile tries to inform them that Splenda uses the sweetest part of the leaf and already grows the best tasting Stevia so they don’t have to spend their time gardening. The tagline is “It’s the sweetest thing we could grow.”

“The sweetener category continues to evolve, and we are bringing a creative twist to the category that enables us to differentiate our brand," said Ami Krishan, senior marketing director on Splenda Stevia. "The campaign idea is a playful nod that Stevia is a plant and at Splenda we have done all the hard work to deliver the best tasting product so you don’t have to have to grow your own—but you could.”

"It has a sense of self-awareness—we know we’re a large corporation making a commercial and we’re having fun with that format,” Humanaut founder and chief creative officer David Littlejohn added. “It starts off as a traditional commercial, then crashes with people interrupting and sticking it to the man. But the bottom line is it would just make more sense to buy Splenda Stevia than to go to all the trouble of making it yourself.”


Sep 26, 2019
Chief Creative Director:
David Littlejohn
Chief Strategy Officer:
Andrew Clark
Creative Director:
Nathan Dills
Director of Content:
Dan Jacobs
Director of Production:
Tommy Wilson
Nathan Dills
Austin Howe
Art Director:
Bethany Maxfield
Art Director:
Steven Preisman
Senior Designer:
Jen Rezac
Account Director:
Deborah Riley Draper
Creative Producer:
Fritsl Butler
Dan Jacobs
Alvaro Donado
Director of Photography:
Daniel Andrade
Motion Graphics:
Victor Tyler
Matt Hadley
Tyler Beasley
Fancy Rhino
Junction 37
Splenda Stevia

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