Cold feet and hot styles for dogs get their own quirky Squarespace websites

The brand's latest campaign shows how the it can solve most—but not all—of its users problems

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Jun 07, 2019

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These days, websites are like lemonade stands in the 1950s. Having one doesn’t guarantee getting noticed, but it’s impossible without one.

Squarespace has made a splash in the last few years with big Super Bowl and Super-Bowl adjacent spots featuring celebrity personalities. Now the website-building platform has unveiled a more low-key—though no less absurdist—campaign.

In similar tales told over three spots, a new website is the answer to a tough question. A couple wants to get married, so they do what basically every other engaged pair does and build a Squarespace site. When the nuptials take a hard left turn, though, it’s easy to adjust on the fly.


An entrepreneur, who’s either completely crazy or a complete genius, plans his site for a line of doggy streetwear that will probably break the internet. And a business executive who’s definitely about to be on the market needs a place to showcase her resume. Because her current job is about to go up in flames—literally.


The spots, directed by Tim Godsall via Anonymous Content, who also helmed the brand's Jeff Bridges-centered Super Bowl push, direct viewers to actual websites created for the protagonists. There’s a full photo series of the unfortunate engagement, as well as plenty of canine apparel to browse.