Squarespace's first U.K. ad stars gossipy neighbors

Raine Allen-Miller directs spot that aims to resonate with British culture

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Aug 09, 2022

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Squarespace's first TV ad produced specifically for the U.K. market is full of local flavor. 

It features scenes of family members and neighbors gossiping about the online businesses each has set up using a Squarespace website.

A young man calls out his granny for making "naughty vids"; in fact, she's filming suggestive knitting videos making woolly eggplants and peaches. Meanwhile, she's gossiping about another neighbor, who's offering his services as a "nude model"—for artists, that is. Another neighbor, who's "shaved it all off," is actually offering hairdressing services, while another is "into foot stuff"—on a members-only website offering sneaker reviews. 

The spot was created in-house and helmed by Somesuch director Raine Allen-Miller, whose previous work has included hilarious U.K. Christmas ads for Tesco and TK Maxx.

Designed to resonate with British culture, the ad was purposefully shot in Manchester, where Allen-Miller grew up.

"Most U.K. advertising is shot in London and we were all excited by the opportunity to show a different side of the country on screen," said Squarespace Creative Director Mat Zarbatany. "Manchester is incredibly vibrant and diverse, with textures you don’t often see.”

Previously, Squarespace has run global ads in the U.K. According to a brand spokesperson: "Our global campaign ‘Everything to Sell Anything’ captures the goals of Squarespace, which is to inspire creators to turn their business ideas into reality, and our U.K.-specific campaign further allows Squarespace to resonate with and tap into the ways of the British culture of being 'nosy neighbors.'"



Aug 09, 2022
Client :
Director :
Raine Allen-Miller
Production Company :
Chief Creative Officer :
David Lee
VP of Creative :
Ben Hughes
Senior Director Creative Production & Operations :
Erica Kung
Senior Creative Producer :
Wes Falik
Creative Director :
Mat Zarbatany
Senior Art Director :
Alex Thompson
Creative Writer :
Pepe Hernandez
Senior Visual Designer :
Ryan Carrel
Photographer :
Craig Reynolds
Senior Retoucher :
Derek Kalisher
Senior Retoucher :
Sara Barr
Business Affairs Manager :
Kiersten Bergstrom
Director International Marketing & GTM :
Jacqueline Gonzales
Associate Director International Marketing :
Danielle Chadha
Senior Project Manager :
Kate Newman
Production Company :
Somesuch Productions
Director :
Raine Allen-Miller
Olan Collardy
Production Designer :
Anna Rhodes
Executive Producer :
Molly Griffin
Managing Director :
Seth Wilson
HoP :
Roger Zorovich
Line Producer :
Salli Zilles
Editorial Company :
Cut + Run
Editor :
Ben Campbell
Managing Partner :
Lauren Hertzberg
Executive Producer :
Ellese Shell
Asst Editor :
Evan Bahnsen
VFX & Finishing :
Jogger Studios
Flame Artist :
Joseph Grosso
Producer :
Evan Sanyour

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