These provocative billboards tell Swedes that their passwords are literally 'shit'

Campaign from Akestam Holst highlights cybersecurity organization SSF

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Mar 03, 2021

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A new outdoor campaign from Sweden highlighting cybersecurity is reminding Swedes that their passwords are literally "shit." Yes, the s-word is the 16th most common internet password used in Sweden. 

The billboards, created by Akestam Holst for cybersecurity organization SSF, are actually based on the data from the list of the most common passwords in Sweden and they include: "shit," "f***ing," "dick" and (weirdly), "mom." So the agency turned the idea into fun and provocative copy, with captions like "F***ing is bad," and "Dick isn't hard enough," and "Your password is shit."

The campaign has been running on billboards and in print all over Sweden.


ssf mom

ssf fucking

ssf 123456


Mar 03, 2021
Client :
Agency :
Åkestam Holst
Copywriter :
Simon Lublin
Art Director :
Martin Noreby
Art Director :
Joakim Khoury
Magnus Jakobsson
Client Director :
Account Manager :
Bella Lagerquist
Strategist :
Frida Norén
Business Director :
Jenny Kaiser
Formgivare Produktionsbolag BKRY NoA :
Anna Forsberg

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