This social distancing ad uses ping pong balls to scare the hell out of you

Ohio Department of Health's coronavirus PSA uses simple device to illustrate coronavirus' rapid spread

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Apr 10, 2020

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The coronavirus social distancing messages we’ve seen so far have ranged from heartwarming and uplifting to even funny. But now here’s one that scares the crap out of us—with ping pong balls. 

The PSA from the Ohio Department of Health takes a page from the “this is your brain on drugs” playbook and depicts an endless grid of the balls set atop mouse traps tightly packed together—it then takes just one orb to trigger the rest of them to go flying. 

A new scene then shows the traps spaced further apart, so a ping pong ball is able to safely bounce around between them.

"A little space makes us all safer—together," the endline reads.

The startling metaphor for how quickly and easily the virus can spread may be the wake-up call some need to keep their butts in place.



Apr 10, 2020
Client :
Ohio Department of Health

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