Sleep in meat with Steak-umm's beef sheets

New work from AOR Tombras brings (non-edible) steak into the bedroom

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May 23, 2022

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Picture this: your nostrils quiver as the swaddling scent of a home-cooked dinner, just like you like it, wafts into your sensory space. Perhaps it’s a home-cooked steak or Mom’s beef stroganoff or your partners’ signature burgers? You inhale that savory, seductive smell and are transported to a dream-like state of rapturous bliss. You open your eyes not to find a steaming plate of meat, but a set of beef-scented sheets.

Steak-Umm, the maker of frozen sheets of beef that you can eat has launched its first non-edible product—beef sheets that you sleep in. The queen-sized linens, which are vegan and vegetarian-friendly, are designed with the likeness of meat, an extremely relaxing pattern of moist, textured shades of brown, and are scented like the brand’s signature product.

Beef Sheets bundle

An infomercial-like demo for the set, which includes a fitted sheet, top sheet and two pillowcases, details they “feature an extremely low thread count, are made from a dye process we’re not legally required to disclose and must be washed at exactly 86 degrees to avoid discoloration or shrinkage.”

The set is available to purchase for $49.99 (marked down from $50.00) on the campaign’s website and, with the promo code “BEEFCURIOUS,” will include a 100-minute-long CD of meat noises, i.e. the slap of beef on a griddle and sizzling juices.

The campaign, from recently named AOR Tombras, brings back its new mascot The Steaksperson, who debuted as the personification of Steak-Umm’s viral Twitter presence earlier this year. A 90-second spot reveals the box-headed character’s sensual side as he moves from quippy store banter to your bedroom.


“Give into your carnivorous temptations, and sleep soundly swaddled in the luxuriously beefy folds of this tender sheet set,” says the mascot as sensual saxophone music plays. 

The video claims that the sheet set is perfect for any non-meat-eaters who are missing out on the sensory experience of consuming beef, including “vegetarians, fruitarians, flexitarians, ovo-lacto-pescatarians, ketos, paleos, broccoli people or anyone who says fake meat is actually pretty good you just have to give it a shot.”

“Taking the energy and momentum that Steak-umm has on social and creating Beef Sheets are the type of activations we hoped for when partnering with Tombras,” said Max Scannapieco, VP of sales and marketing at Quaker Maid Meats, in a statement. “Just like the Steaksperson we introduced earlier this year, this campaign further solidifies Steak-umm as a formidable brand.”

The campaign will air on social and digital platforms as well as on Steak-Umm’s social media channels, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.


May 23, 2022
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