StubHub's new site makes custom music videos to give with your gifts

Rapper Murs voices lyrics for 10,000 different outcomes

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Nov 26, 2018

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Artificial intelligence hasn’t advanced far enough to show signs of creativity (which is good for those of us in creative fields). But one place it shines is in iteration, combining data, images and ideas in new ways far faster than a human could.

Ticket exchange StubHub’s new campaign applies this technique to the holiday greeting, remixing various tides of joyous cheer depending what kind of ticket is being gifted. At, users can create a customized rap featuring lyrics from MC Murs, who set a Guinness World Record for non-stop rapping by spitting lyrics for 24 hours straight in 2016.

The site, created by agency TBD, asks questions about the gift itself: Is the ticket for a sporting event, a concert, Broadway? Who’s it for? Family? Your BFF? Each answer spawns new questions: what sport or what genre of show? Why are you giving this gift and what will they like most about the event?

Put it all together and the AI creates a personalized 60-second song, with verses by Murs tweaked for your specific circumstances. The accompanying video--rendered in endearing low-res scenes to look like the stitches of a holiday sweater--also change. In all, StubHub says there are 10,000 different combinations available, each resulting in a different video. Check out one customized for tickets to a pop concert for a best friend who usually gives great gifts and wants to post the experience on Instagram, above.


Nov 27, 2018
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