StudentBeans Freshers Activation with OOH Campaign

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Feb 09, 2022



To drive new subscribers and app installs whilst leveraging peak period, freshers, we were challenged to plan, buy and deliver media targeted to students across the entire UK.

Strategy & Execution

The obvious advantage of this student audience is that they have very predictable commuting behaviours since they all converge to the same place 5 days a week more often than not. So the planning and media options were straightforward with the exception that some locations did not have any media or formats available. Enter digital ad vans! We’ve seen tremendous success in the past with mobile ads and ad vans for clients such Amazon on their recruiting efforts for two key reasons: they can literally go anywhere, park or drive around, and finally, they are completely unmissable since they are powered by bright screens and at pedestrian eye level.

In sum, we wanted to place Student Beans as "in your face" as possible in a more tactical and almost guerrilla approach which worked fantastically! Still, frequency is king so on top of ad-vans, we’ve used large formats in key student arterial routes, bus advertising through passenger panels and digital 6-sheets across transport opportunities such as stations. Results The activation was a success as you can read below from our client comment. The brand has seen a strong uptick in subscriptions and app installs on the locations and universities where the campaign ran. Out-of-home advertising can be more cost-effective than digital marketing and that was the main driver and motivation for Student Beans to book a billboard and ad van advertising campaign.

Our Client commented "I've had my data team building a report and we've definitely seen a great uptick in the targeted cities! Really good!" — Marketing Manager





Student Brum


Feb 09, 2022
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One Day Agency

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