Hospital creates 'unbirth' announcement for grieving would-be parents

Sunnybrook Hospital and No Fixed Address's '#UnsilenceTheConversation' also features a baby ad blocker to prevent triggering content

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Jul 12, 2021

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According to Canadian hospital Sunnybrook’s Pregnancy and Infant Loss (PAIL) Network, 25% of pregnancies end in loss and not enough resources exist to help those affected. That’s why it's created an unconventional "announcement" and tool to help those who have endured such hardship.

The “Unsilence the Conversation” campaign, created in collaboration with agency No Fixed Address, features an “unbirth announcement” that parents can share when they don’t have the words to relay the news on their own. As the camera travels through an empty nursery, the video features various narrators describing the pain of losing a pregnancy and asking for understanding and support. The PSA ends with a link to resources from the PAIL Network.

“It has become so taboo to talk about early pregnancy and miscarriage, and we wanted to normalize the conversation so families no longer feel like they have to go through it alone,” said Domenique Raso, associate creative director at No Fixed Address, in a statement. “The words were inspired by the experiences of many people we know personally who have experienced loss, and that sense of aloneness and helplessness that results; it’s something we all should be talking more about."

The campaign also offers those recovering from a lost pregnancy a web browser plugin that blocks ads targeted at new parents. Based on search history, ad algorithms can cause baby ads to appear on sites and social media for up to 540 days, which can be triggering for those going through a recent loss. The “Unsilence the Conversation” opt-out plugin walks users through steps to shield themselves from these ads and break the algorithmic ad loop.

“Without outlets for open and normalized dialogue among friends or family, 41% of those who experience pregnancy loss experience feelings of guilt and shame, fearing they had done something wrong,” added Michelle La Fontaine, program manager at PAIL Network, in the statement. “With the #UnsilenceTheConversation Initiative we hope to help these parents start the dialogue and provide tools to support them on a day-to-day basis, with the ultimate goal of normalizing the conversation for all.”

As of publication, 25% of visitors to the campaign's landing page have shared the video and website traffic to the PAIL Network site has grown 20%. A representative from the campaign reports that since launching, conversation around the topic on social media has increased 7,200%.


Jul 12, 2021
Client :
Sunnybrook Hospital
Agency :
No Fixed Address Inc.

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