This Workout App Helps the Swedish Armed Forces Recruit Fitter People

DDB Stockholm Developed Online 'Sports Club' to Get Swedes in Better Shape

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Jun 16, 2016

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The Swedish Armed Forces has created a training app that serves a dual purpose: get Swedes fitter using its exercise regimes, and make them better potential recruits.

Faced with a population that is growing fatter and slower, the Swedish military's agency, DDB Stockholm, developed the Swedish Armed Forces Sports Club (known as FMTK) app for anyone to use as a "gear-free" workout app. It contains 450 exercises that don't require any equipment, 10 challenges and four training programs to take you to the next level, as well as a common daily workout.

The aim is to improve public health, but the app also serves as a recruitment tool, with workouts tailored to getting people ready to sign up for the Armed Forces.