Explore the Last 100 Years of Art With Tate Modern's 'Time Machine'

Interactive Experience Promotes Gallery's New Extension

Published On
Jun 09, 2016

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To promote the opening of its new extension on June 17, London's Tate Modern gallery has launched an interactive digital experience that aims to give viewers more insight into the history of modern art.

The Tate Time Machine takes you on a different "trip" every time you click through the experience, visiting different periods over the last 100 years and explaining how those eras informed individual artists --- for example, how Chinese art influenced Salvador Dali's interpretations of a world on the brink of war in 1936, Linder's creative renderings capturing the height of punk rock in Manchester in the 1970s, or New York's Guerilla Girls fighting for equality in the 1980s with provocative posters.

The experience was created by WPP-owned creative and tech agency Blue State Digital. It's aimed at highlighting the museum's focus on the way artists work, including their motivations, materials and methods, and giving an online audience the ability to experience art within the historical and societal contexts in which it was made.