Taylor Swift Face Plants Off a Treadmill in Ad for Apple Music

Spot Has Gone Viral With Nearly 11 Million Views

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Apr 05, 2016

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Just how many people enjoy watching Taylor Swift face-planting off a treadmill is evident from the fact that her spot for Apple Music has generated nearly 11 million views in four days.

The ad, posted on Friday April 1, opens with a perfectly-coiffed Swift preparing to work out on a treadmill, muttering about how she hates cardio. However, once she gets going, having selected a "Gymflow" playlist, she starts rapping away to Drake and Future's "Jumpman," arms flailing, and gets so carried away that she flies off the treadmill backwards and ends up face down on the gym floor. Undeterred, she carries on singing. The tagline is "Distractingly Good."

Swift tweeted that the video, created in-house by Apple, was "based on true events." Whatever, we hope she had a good stunt double.