Uranus, Boob and Fart Jokes Are Teachers' Eternal Fate in Droga5's Latest for Clearasil

High School Hijinks Are Forever, But Acne Isn't

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Oct 12, 2015

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Clearasil and Droga5 are turning to real-life teachers in an effort to convince teens that acne won't last forever, even if teacher tenure at high school seems to.

In a "Teacher Truths" video breaking online today, the RB (Reckitt Benckiser) brand shows a series of teachers in deadpan comedic roles recounting the dumb jokes and pranks they see from students year after year. "Adolescent acne ends," says one. Then a series of three more teachers chime in to note: "High school ends. For you. Not for me."

The video is part of a contest in which the acne medication brand invites teens to take photos of their own teachers sharing similar "Teacher Truths." They can submit these on Twitter or Instagram with the #TeacherTruthsContest hashtag over the next two weeks. Those who do will be eligible to win a $5,000 scholarship.

The video is part of Clearasil's "Let's Be Clear" campaign from Droga5 launched in July, which Debra Eible, Clearasil marketing director, said aims to change the narrative in the category from "overpromising confidence" to "simple reassurance" that acne will end.

"While it's great for a brand to offer reassurance," she said, "it's even better if it can come from someone with the right authority to say it. Someone like a high school teacher."

Despite the "trapped in high school" theme, Tim Gordon, group creative director of Droga5, believes teachers will react well to the video. Hearing the reactions of real teachers on the set was "helpful as we shaped the work," he said. "There were lots of nodding heads and knowing laughs as we talked with them about the things they relive year after year. We love the idea of championing teacher as high-school heroes, "the people who endure adolescence longer than anyone else on earth."

Jesse Williams, a former Philadelphia high school teacher who stars in ABC's Grey's Anatomy, will be involved in publicity supporting the campaign.

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Oct 12, 2015
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