The Runaway Teddy Bear in This Swiss Christmas Ad Will Break Your Heart

Spot From Migros Is About Reinvention and Helping the Needy

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Nov 17, 2016

Editor's Pick

Forget dogs and foxes, it's the teddy bears that are really breaking our hearts this Christmas.

Following on from Heathrow Airport's adorable spot featuring a teddy bear couple as stand-ins for elderly grandparents making their way through customs, Swiss retailer Migros has released its own Christmas spot centered around a furry bear.

This one's even more poignant though; the somewhat threadbare but clearly much-loved teddy feels rejected when his little girl owner unwraps a robotic dog with flashing lights under the Christmas tree, and is duly delighted. Left in a corner, he sadly leaves the house and takes to the streets, where he shivers in the snow -- until he comes up with an ingenious solution.

The campaign, created out of Wirz Werbung, Zurich, carries a message about donating to help the needy of Switzerland. But you can also read it as being about reinvention in the face of defeat (Hillary Clinton, are you listening?) -- and if you're a fan of "Toy Story," you'll love it.

Incidentally, this is the third teddy spot we've noticed this year -- Harrods also released an animated fairy tale-style ad featuring a bear named Hugh who saves Christmas.