This telecom company is asking customers to rename WiFi networks to educate people about Covid-19

Project for Telenor by DDB Nord also aims to remind people they aren't alone

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Apr 13, 2020

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Norwegian telecom provider Telenor has come up with a way to reach out to people in isolation during the coronavirus pandemic and educate them at the same time.

In a project by agency Nord DDB, it's encouraging people to rename their WiFi networks with names such as "wash your hands," "avoid crowds," "air kisses are romantic" and other advice on how to stay safe and socially-distanced. 

The company says the project aims to reach out to those in isolation and reassure them that they're not alone—all while spreading helpful advice. The initiative will be promoted via short information videos, podcasts and a collaboration with the quiz app Primetime. Telenor has listed tips for names on its website or suggested people visit Sweden’s public health information agency site.

"Behind every WiFi name in the list of reachable networks, there’s a real person," said Tobias Clewemar, head of brand at Telenor, in a statement. "Someone who you might not be able to see or talk to, but a person who you’re connected to, just the same. In a time when we depend on our WiFi more than ever, we want to use an unexpected channel to spread a feeling of communion and advice."