Temptations tempts cats with 'Tasty Human,' a limited-edition Halloween treat

Brand's latest campaign from Adam&EveDDB suggests that pet owners could be quite delicious

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Sep 17, 2021

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One of the great mysteries within the pet lovers universe: If cats were the size of their lion and tiger brethren, would they eat their owners? Pet treat brand Temptations addresses the idea playfully with its new morbidly-named line of treats: “Tasty Human.”

Just in time for Halloween, the Mars-owned brand has debuted the limited-edition cat snack, whose packaging depicts a cartoon kitty drooling over a steaming cauldron full of human limbs. Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, the treats actually don’t contain any people meat. The snack bag says that they’re chicken, liver and beef-flavored, so they’re not even meant to taste like a person either.  (But since we haven’t actually tasted human ourselves, we can’t 100% confirm that.)

Temptations Tasty Human

To promote the new treat, Temptations has debuted two 15-second ads from Adam&EveDDB London showing a pair of cats eyeing their owners who lounge in bed or soak in the tub. The humans ward them off with a few bits of “Tasty Human.”


The funny product idea follows Temptations’ clever Halloween idea from last year, a horror movie for cats

"Knowing that our cats share some DNA with lions and tigers makes those creepy cat stares a little more ominous, and that's what inspired us to create this new product,” said Craig Neely, VP-marketing at Mars Petcare, in a statement. “It's a unique way to celebrate the Halloween season and make sure our cats have a more appropriate snack on the menu—hopefully."