New York City is the center of the world in StreetEasy's latest campaign

'There's Only One City' campaign from new Brooklyn agency Lightning Orchard celebrates the brand as a real local

Published On
Mar 12, 2019

Editor's Pick

New York City real estate platform Street Easy has been known for its witty marketing that plays up the hurdles residents face in their apartment search--like finding that sweet spot that’s “walking distance to work” yet also “far enough from my coworkers.” The brand’s latest campaign takes a more celebratory turn by highlighting NYC as, well, the center of the universe.

“There’s Only One City” features ads running out of home and in print. They couple photography of familiar city scenes and other scenarios with copy that encapsulates life as a New Yorker.

A shot of Coney Island appears with the line “There’s only one city famous enough to make hot dogs famous,” while an image depicting a girl peering out at the street below reads, “There’s only one city where staring out the window is better than TV.” Other more fantastical executions take a Godzilla-inspired approach to expressing passion for NYC:  Gargantuan creatures engage in a pizza joint face-off, as a reptile proclaims “Ducali,” while his simian foe screams, “Difara.” One scaly creature contemplates, “Thinking about a move to L.A.,” while his furry friend responds, “You’re dead to me.”

“As a brand and product built exclusively for New Yorkers by New Yorkers, we love this city and wanted our latest campaign to celebrate the many reasons living in New York is better than living any place else,” says Peter Edwards, VP-marketing and analytics at StreetEasy. “We aim to highlight and celebrate the everyday moments that make living in NYC every bit worth the effort.”

The campaign was created out of Lightning Orchard, a new Brooklyn-based shop founded by former Fallon CCO Jeff Kling and former Barton F. Graf CSO Laura Janness and CEO Barney Robinson. The new effort follows StreetEasy's previous campaigns created by Office of Baby, which recently rebranded to Interesting Development.

The idea is to underscore StreetEasy’s cred as a true, New York brand, distinguishing it from the fray of other advertisers claiming to be “local.”

“Localized campaigns are so common now,” says Janness. “Localizing a brand doesn't make it a local brand. StreetEasy, like the people it serves, is a New Yorker. It's not also here. It's only here.”

"Just because New York is the only city many of us would consider for a home doesn't make life or success here any less difficult,” adds Kling. “It's a real choice. It deserves recognition.”