These McDonald's ads show just how much you care about your takeout during the pandemic

Campaign from France is particularly poignant at time when restaurants are closed

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Nov 19, 2020

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With dine-in restaurants currently closed in France, which is now likely to be extending its lockdown beyond December, takeout has never played such an important role in people's lives—and McDonald's capitalizes on that in its latest campaign promoting its McDrive drive-thru restaurants.

The ads, by TBWA/Paris (which has become known for its stylish work for the brand) simply picture takeout bags from the Golden Arches, lovingly strapped into the back seat of cars. Tiny details give you a glimpse into the possible stories behind the images: for example, one has a kids' Happy Meal strapped next to a teddy bear; one features a pair of bags looking a little like an affectionate couple. Plus the different lighting, according to the agency, reflects the different times of day when you might be picking up a McDonald's order. The car seats also have a vintage look. Takeout has never looked so artistic. 

McDonald's bag sitting in a car seat with its seatbelt on.

McDonald's happy meal sitting in a car seat next to a teddy bear and with its seatbelt on.