Thumbtack, the home project app, brings homeowner anxieties to life in animated ads

The brand’s first campaign, created with Nexus Studios, encourages new homeowners to get organized for house projects

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Apr 09, 2024
Animation of a man scheduling tasks on Thumbtack

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Owning your first home should be a dream come true, but too often it’s a source of serious anxiety.

Thumbtack, a home project planning app, brings those paralyzing fears to life in a relatable animated campaign featuring three 30-second spots, titled “Uncertainty,” “Indecision” and “Procrastination.” 

In each spot, an animated homeowner carries on with day-to-day responsibilities even as a negative, overwhelming feeling—uncertainty, indecision and procrastination—manifests itself.

The anxiety lingers for a while until said homeowner opens then Thumbtack app and hires vendors who can help with home projects, getting them organized. 

The overwhelm is then ushered out the door (or window) as a tagline asserts, “Uncertainty doesn’t live here. You do.” 


The campaign, created in-house with production agency Nexus Studios, comes as Thumbtack seeks to reach new homeowners who simply “don’t know where to start” when it comes to home improvements, Llibert Argerich, chief marketing officer at Thumbtack told Ad Age. 

“First-time homeowners grade themselves an F in terms of readiness to take care of their homes,” Argerich said, referring to a study conducted by Thumbtack. “More often than not, they end up procrastinating and putting off doing the things that are important to take care of their homes.” 

The work aims to name and show these feelings while illustrating how Thumbtack makes them go away. 

“Uncertainty leads to paralysis; you just simply don’t do it. It’s easier for people to neglect their homes and the things they have to do in their home,” Diego Figueroa, head of brand at Thumbtack, told Ad Age. The brand wanted to be “relatable and not preachy,” he added. “That's why we ended up with animation because it allows us to portray these feelings that and make them approachable, familiar and something that people can relate to.” 

The campaign platform, which Argerich said will inform Thumbtack’s marketing strategy moving forward, follows the addition of 30 new features to the app that allow homeowners to keep a digital record of house essentials, vendors, upkeep and more. 

In addition to the spots, which will run on CTV and online video, Thumbtack will offer two people the chance to book a consultation with Bobby Berk, Emmy-winning design expert and author of “Right at Home: How Good Design Is Good for The Mind,” for free. 

Bookings will be on a first come basis on April 16.


Apr 09, 2024
Client :
Chief Marketing Officer :
Llibert Argerich
Head of Brand :
Diego Figueroa
Director of Brand :
Kevan Kalyan
Creative Director :
Kevan Kalyan
Director of Integrated Marketing :
Will Connor
Sr. Manager of Creative Production :
Emily Maubach
Sr. Lead Brand Writer :
Yael Levy
Sr. Lead Brand Designer :
Lo Hayes
Sr. Integrated Marketing Manager :
Morgan Olsen
Integrated Marketing Manager :
Cara Goodman
VP Communications :
Julia Vinyard
Group PR Manager :
Laura Arrubla Toro
Senior PR Manager :
Gina Balistreri
Growth Marketing Group Manager Media :
Sujani Dwarakanath
Social Media Manager :
Nikki Chavez
Growth Marketing Manager :
Lauren Quimby
Production Company :
Nexus Studios
Director :
Jack Cunningham
Director :
Nicolas Ménard
Executive Producer :
Paige Sullivan
Producer :
Electra Fotopoulou
Production Manager :
Greta Pylypczak
Production Assistant :
Megan Silvester
Creative Director :
Chris O'Reilly
Creative Development :
Delfina Maria
Creative Manager :
Jade Duncan Knight
Studio CG Lead :
Nico Domerego
2D Animator :
Iris Abols
2D Animator :
Emmanuelle Walker
2D Animator :
Peter Dodd
Clean Up :
Isaac Holland
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Meg Dupont
Compositor :
Rob Ward
Compositor :
Alasdair Brotherston
Character Designer :
James Graham
Background Designer :
Callum Strachan
Background Designer :
Antoine Birot
Storyboard :
Adam Beer
Editor :
Dave Slade
Assistant Editor :
Andrea Zantiras
Assistant Editor :
Reece Proctor
PR & Marketing :
Nancy Edmondson
PR & Marketing :
Bruce Bigg
PR & Marketing :
Stephanie Anjo
Casting Director :
Belinda Norcliffe
Voice Recording Studio :
Brain Audio
Sound Studio :
Sound Design & Mix :
Joseph Wilkinson

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