Nike's Super Simple Ad Takes Aim at Smartphone Addicts

Get Off Social Media and Go for a Run

Published On
Dec 12, 2016

Editor's Pick

We're all wasting our lives on our phones and social media when we could be out exercising. That's the message of Nike's latest campaign through Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, a series of simple ads in which a robotic, Siri-like voice informs us how much time we're wasting "watching other people's picture of their cafe macchiato, or their dog, or their baby," while her words flash up on a black screen.

A one-minute spot, seen here, sums it all up: we're wasting potentially 32 years of our life scrolling through meaningless stuff on screens when we could be packing in some more training. Other 30-second videos poke fun at the time we waste watching zombie shows, or following celebrities, and others take pointed aim at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (by implication if not by name). Nothing escapes ridicule -- hashtags, cat videos, photographing food, reality shows, Tinder, online petitions and more (although presumably logging your runs is OK).

The wittily-scripted spots will certainly make you think -- even if, rather than putting on some lycra and lacing up your Nike sneakers, you just scroll down to the next cat video.