Titan Casket interviews celebs in caskets for new talk show ‘Grave Conversations’

The video series, hosted by David Dastmalchian, aims to normalize end-of-life planning

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Apr 24, 2024
Grave Conversations

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For many people, thinking or talking about death can be unnerving. Loss is not easy to confront, and considering our own human mortality is something most of us likely choose to defer to later in life. 

But death doesn’t just affect the elderly and the sick. And end-of-life planning conversations are often relegated to be had among surviving relatives—once it’s too late. 

That’s why Titan Casket’s latest campaign, “Grave Conversations,” is a sobering reminder that while difficult, end-of-life planning is important, cathartic and necessary. As a common Latino refrain goes: “Para morir solo hay que estar vivo” (To die, one must only be living).

“Grave Conversations” normalizes end-of-life planning conversations through the form of a talk show, in which celebrity interviewees talk about life—and death—from Titan caskets. Hosted by David Dastmalchian and produced by his Good Fiend Films and Elan Gale’s TheYearOfElan Productions, the weekly show running on social media features intimate, profound discussions with celeb guests about life’s ultimate questions.

The first episode, which debuted on the Grave Conversations Instagram account, features actress Kate Siegel from “The Fall of the House of Usher,” followed by prolific filmmaker and showrunner Mike Flanagan in episode two and actor Matthew Lillard from “Scooby Doo” and “Five Nights at Freddy’s in episode three.


In the episodes, which run between six to eight minutes long, guests explore questions from how often death is present in their minds to what they would say about themselves in a eulogy. Each instance brings up different reactions and emotions, acknowledging that while emotional and painful, death is an inevitable part of life and preparing for it is good. 

The launch of the series builds on the relationship between TheYearOfElan Productions and Titan Casket, where Gale serves as creative director for the direct-to-consumer casket company. 


“‘Grave Conversations’ is more than just a talk show; it’s the most important talk show I’ve ever been a part of, and the only talk show I’ve been a part of. Normalizing conversations about death can be just as fun as it is important,” Gale said.

Titan, which recently partnered with Maximum Effort on a video about “burying” daylight saving time, said in a statement: “‘Grave Conversations’ aligns with our ongoing mission to provide dignity, affordability and transparency in funeral planning. This series promises to offer a fresh perspective on the universal journey we all face, encouraging viewers to contemplate their views on mortality and the afterlife.” 

Episodes were written by Bill Dixon and directed by Jacob Strunk. The first three episodes will air in the coming weeks, with other future guests yet to be announced. 


Apr 24, 2024
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