Wonderful Pistachios' Super Bowl Quick-Hitter: Elephants and Treadmills Don't Mix

Big Game Spot Features 'Ernie the Elephant' Character

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Feb 01, 2017

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Wonderful Pistachios has released its 15-second commercial for Super Bowl LI, a comedic and somewhat painful look at what happens when an elephant tries to get back in shape.

The "Treadmill" spot is the latest in a series of commercials starring the nut's Ernie the Elephant character, voiced by WWE star John Cena.

The spot, set to air during the first quarter of the game, shows Ernie on a treadmill. He has a bag of pistachios with him, and mentions that they're a good source of protein as he works to get back in shape. He soon stumbles, tossing pistachios everywhere and, of course, breaking the treadmill.

The spot comes from Wonderful Agency, the Wonderful Company's in-house shop. The Wonderful Company is also running a 15-second ad, one already on the air, in Super Bowl LI.

It is Wonderful Pistachios' first Super Bowl appearance since 2014, when it used a pair of ads starring Stephen Colbert to bracket another marketer's spot ("Get Crackin' America").