Trump gets squashed by a giant peach on New York Magazine's cover

Image introduces publication's coverage of the unfolding of 'impeachment season'

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Oct 14, 2019

Editor's Pick

A symbol that many of us associate with a childhood literary treasure now takes a gruesome turn on the cover of New York magazine. To introduce this week’s issue, the publication and illustrator Joe Darrow created a head-turning image—that of President Trump getting squashed by a giant peach. (Sorry, Roald Dahl.)

In the image, the POTUS is identifiable through his red tie, slightly portly body and straw-colored hair, splayed about under the massive fruit. The artwork teases a package of stories around the latest developments in the rapidly developing Trump impeachment inquiry. This week’s magazine includes a piece from the publication’s national correspondent Gabriel Debenedetti, "Nancy Pelosi's Impeachment Game," about what the House Speaker has done since she announced three weeks ago that she was now backing the inquiry, and what we can expect going forward. 

The mag’s Communication Manager Aude White writes that the depiction of the enormous fruit was inspired by the fact that “the peach emoji has been doing double duty as the widely accepted shorthand for butts and, well, impeachment. ... As we enter the early days of what is sure to be an ongoing soap opera, one thing is clear: Impeachment season has finally begun." 

Artist Darrow was also behind another provocative Trump cover from New York—which featured the POTUS with a pig’s snout.

The New York cover follows Time magazine and Edel Rodriguez’ striking image that showed President Trump painting himself into a corner.