People disguise their takeout habits in Uber Eats' French ads

Buzzman's spots recognize that ordering clashes with the country's cultural norms

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Jun 09, 2022

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Uber Eats is now available in France, but the brand also recognizes that ordering takeout makes French people feel guilty.

A new campaign for the delivery platform from Paris agency Buzzman plays on the idea that in France, cooking from scratch sacred, as is taking time and care with food or eating in restaurants. But the reality is that especially since the pandemic, people's lives are busy and they are also mentally drained—so they might indulge themselves with delivery but pretend they haven't done so. 

For example, in one of the spots, a mother calls her son about coming over for dinner, and he bangs pots and pans around to make out he's cooking carbonara. Of course he really has a delivery from Uber Eats; the twist is that his mom, who's bringing dessert, is doing just the same.

Another spot has a young woman pretending to her roommate the bag she's unpacking is stuff being returned by her ex-boyfriend; suspiciously, it contains items including a leek. And in another ad, a man tries to hide his pizza delivery by pretending the Uber Eats courier is a friend dropping off a meal, but not wanting to stay. 

The tagline of the campaign is "ça arrive," which has a double meaning of both “It’s coming” and “It happens."

As well as the TV films, directed by Caviar's Cloé Bailly, the campaign will include billboards, social media and digital out-of-home displays.