Uber Eats' Horror Flick Stars Keke Palmer and $1 Million in Hidden Promo Codes

“Don’t Run Out” continues Uber’s mission to direct more consumer focus on its offerings beyond restaurant delivery.

Published On
Jul 26, 2023


This Halloween, Uber Eats joined forces with 'Nope' star Keke Palmer to deliver a creepy campaign like no other. Embedded with $1 million worth of discount codes, "Don’t Run Out" was directed by Dan Trachtenberg - a known talent in the genre, having helmed such Hollywood thrillers as ‘10 Cloverfield Lane’ and ‘Prey’. The spot takes place on Halloween night, when a trio of friends comes to the dreadful realization that they’re running low on candy. Keke Palmer’s character explains how one family vanished on Halloween after the same thing happened to them, as she rushes to order more on Uber Eats - but at that moment, the electricity goes out. What ensues is classic horror as the friends nervously split up, each pursued by a malevolent masked figure in the shadows that will teach them never to run out of candy again. Agency Kamp Grizzly approached Great Guns USA with the brief for a short, scary movie about running out of candy on Halloween - with redeemable discount codes hidden inside. A big challenge was condensing suspenseful horror authentic to both, horror fans and Halloween consumers, into a mere few minutes. “Don’t Run Out” continues Uber Eats mission to direct more consumer focus on its offerings beyond restaurant delivery and underscore the brand’s aim to be a resource at a time of need.


"Don't Run Out" Poster