Ubisoft planted a podcast in a video game to promote another title

To promote 'The Division 2,' the company finds a new way to reach gamers in campaign via DDB Paris

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Mar 18, 2019

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Ubisoft brings podcasting to a whole new universe to promote its release of new title "The Division 2."

In a campaign via DDB Paris, the video game maker placed a podcast based on the "Division 2" storyline inside another game, "Ghost Recon Wildlands." The podcast can be found via the "radio" that gamers listen to while driving in the game. It gives the GPS co-ordinates of the first tape, and then users can seek this out to begin a treasure hunt to find the other episodes. 

The podcast, "Green Dawn," takes place between the events of the first and second "Division" games. It tells the violent story of seven kids who survive in the aftermath of a collapsed world and try to make their way to safety. Each episode lasts between two and four minutes and immerses you further in their bleak tale.

DDB Paris worked with the Ubisoft studio on the campaign, which aims to bypass the fact that gamers don't tend to watch TV or respond to traditional advertising. To this end, DDB also worked with digital production studio Makemepulse to launch an interactive location-based AR experience for "The Division 2" where gamers can collect rewards to be used in the actual video game. 



Mar 19, 2019
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