Lindsey Vonn Is 'Unlike Any' in Latest From Under Armour Women

Olympic Athlete Vying to Compete in Men's Contest

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Sep 29, 2017

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Olympic skiing champ Lindsey Vonn, who's gunning to compete in a men's contest in the 2018 South Korea Winter Olympics, is the star of the latest ad of Under Armour's "Unlike Any" women's campaign out of Droga5 New York.

The effort had debuted in July and is an expansive digital effort highlighting accomplished, athletic females who have defied expectations, including ballet star Misty Copeland, stuntwoman Jessie Graf and sprinter Natasha Hastings. Directed by Georgia Hudson of Agile films, the spots present a uniquely poetic approach to promoting sportswear and highlighting the athletes. Lingering camera shots capture the physical grace of each subject from unique angles, while powerful spoken word accompanies the imagery.

Vonn's spot opens on a shot of the tip of her hand, then slowly travels down her arm to reveal a lengthy scar. It then cuts to a breathtaking shot of Vonn, leaping backwards in mid-air. Sudanese-American rapper, producer and spoken word artist Oddibee provides the soundtrack for this film.