Coke Zero : Unlock the 007 In You

You have 70 seconds to be James Bond.

Published On
Oct 21, 2012

Editor's Pick

Most brand tie-ups with the upcoming James Bond movie, "Skyfall," are snoozeworthy. Coke Zero -- helped out by its favorite prop, a vending machine -- change things up, with a clever stunt by Duval Guillaume Modem.

Digital vending machines were set up in a train station, and they're offering free tickets to the movie. There's just one catch: You have got to earn them. Participants were asked to do a mad dash across the train station, Bond-style, to get to the tickets -- and it wasn't made easy, thanks to a plethora of Hollywood-esque obstacles that seemed to come out of nowhere. It's a potentially viral video -- on-brand and a lot of fun, just like most of Coke's work always is.