These Sick Kids' Stories Will Only 'Unpause' If You Donate

Video Endings Will Only Unlock If Enough People Contribute

Published On
Nov 18, 2015

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Telling the stories of sick children is normal practice for children's hospital ads. But Toronto's SickKids Hospital is withholding the "endings" of those stories to encourage donations. In other words, it will only let you find out what happened to the patients if enough people contribute online.

On the campaign website, devised by Cossette, viewers can start to watch the stories, but each stops midway and informs you how many donations are required for the full video to unlock. The idea is that these patients' life stories have been put "on pause" by their illnesses, and they need your donation to "unpause."

Each video's donation goal is tied to the individual patient's story: For example, one video asks for 440 donors, which represents the number of days the child, Kael, spent at SickKids, while another asks for 707, as Charlize's family lives 707 kilometers from the hospital. The ends of the videos will only be fully revealed once a declared number of donors has been reached.