Droga5 London's Valentine's Cards Feature 'Ugly' Animals -- for a Reason

Profits From Cards Will Go to 'Less Cute' Endangered Species

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Feb 06, 2017
Valentine's Day Cards

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You might not think it super-romantic if your partner gives you a Valentine's card featuring a purple pig-nosed frog or a blobfish, instead of a fluffy kitten.

But there's a reason that agency Droga5 London has created a range of cards for Feb. 14 featuring animals such as this. It wants us to swap rabbits and kittens for "ugly" and "forgotten" animals in order to support endangered animals, with all profits going to charities supporting the creatures that feature on the cards.

The agency's point is that all the animals featured (they also include a proboscis monkey, a babirusa, a bald uakari and a greater adjutant) never get the amount of attention "cuter" animals like pandas, tigers and polar bears get -- nor the charity donations. As a result, populations of some of the planet's more ugly animals are dwindling, and this is affecting our ecosystem. The connection with Valentine's Day? Well, "true love is blind."

Droga5 worked with printing company Screaming Colour, picture agency Shutterstock and various photographers to help produce the cards at a discounted rate to make as much money as possible, with all profits being shared between a number of charities. To buy the cards, go to the website.


Feb 06, 2017
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