Veet says it's fine to have body hair—in an ad for its hair removal products

Spot from BETC is that latest to address bodies authentically

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May 11, 2021

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Reckitt-owned removal brand Veet is the latest advertiser to approach the human body in a more realistic and authentic way, in an ad for its products that says it's fine to have hair ... or not have hair.

Whereas previously ads for the category have tended to focus on smooth-looking limbs, this film, by agency BETC Paris, takes a more down-to-earth approach; we see one women sporting unshaven armpits, plus women removing hair from their legs, faces and bikini lines using the various Veet products. 

According to the brand, the idea is to "respect of the diversity of women and their own personal relationship to body hair" and to make it clear that they have a choice whether to remove their hair or not. You can "keep it, and just not feel like seeing it," says the ad, or you can even like it, but "enjoy removing it." You might find it "cool," "funny" or "ugly." But, the brand insists, all of that is OK, and it has the range of products to suit your every need. 

Veet's new approach seems to follow in the footsteps of razor brand Billie, which has put hairy armpits and other body parts front and center in its advertising. Other personal care brands too have become more graphic about bodily functions, including sanitary products brands like Libresse, Thinx and Hey Girls, breastfeeding brands like Tommee Tippee and laxative ads from Phillips.

The ad is running in 15 countries including the U.K., France and Germany. It was directed by Indra Hero Wide, via Standard. 


May 11, 2021
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Frederic Morlie
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Oriane Kowalczyk
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Rita Kinn
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Maud Andryjaskiewicz
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Pauline Gargam
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Fulvia Baratelli
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Lucille Debuisschert
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Dominique Verot
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Delphine Lebleme
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Patricia de la Torre
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Leslie Adam
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Alexia Mache
Executive Creative Director :
Alasdhair Macgregor
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Marie Baillot
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Emmanuelle Maliakas
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Romane Ruskone
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Tiphaine Seite
Copywriter :
Ellynore Attia
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Mathilde Carvalho
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Manon Le-Roy-Oclin
Traffic Manager :
Marie-Caroline Pupin
TV Producer :
Coralie Cupillard
Post Producer :
Heloise Roussier
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Director :
Indra Hero Wide

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