Verizon Executive Briefing Center

A multi-functional installation tells the origin story of the internet — and so much more

Published On
Jun 26, 2020


Leviathan helped conceptualize a new interactive installation within Verizon’s existing Executive Briefing Center. The effort produced dynamic content, sympathetic to a sculptural digital display, showcasing the infrastructure investments that have made the internet an engine of technological and societal progress.

A narrative was devised to demystify the internet by imparting its past, present and future to visitors of the Policy & Technology Center. Pairing familiar and abstract motion design with custom CG animation, the audience follows everyday internet-based experiences through the unseen physical infrastructure of the internet, relatably underscoring the importance of private and government investments in companies like Verizon to deliver the innovations of the future.

The design of staggered, horizontal LED display segments provides opportunities for mapping digital content within the structural aspects of the physical arrangement. The installation surprises visitors as it presents multiple stories and serves as a metaphor for the physical fabric that drives our digital world. Visitors leave excited and educated about the incredible possibilities in the near future and an understanding of the climate required to spur investments and innovation to get there.