Railway travel becomes absurdly fun in this ad for Virgin Trains

Spot by Anomaly London comes as brand's U.K. future is in doubt

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Jun 12, 2019

Editor's Pick

An entertaining new spot for Virgin Trains in the U.K. imagines train travel being invented all over again by a man sitting on a bench.

In the spot, created by Anomaly London, the protagonist imagines how he could get to his destination of Wigan -- starting with adding wheels to the bench, then adding in food, drinks, entertainment, toilets, Wi-Fi and more. It's all done in a light-hearted comedic style, directed by Caviar's Keith Schofield, that brings something fresh to the transport category.

It could be Anomaly's final work for the brand, as Virgin Trains is currently embroiled in a government row that bans it from competing for the West Coast line franchise that it currently holds in the U.K. However, Virgin yesterday unveiled plans to run a new London to Liverpool service, and on the strength of this work, Anomaly would be well-placed to create ads again in future.