Vita Coco's 'Hangover Shop' has essentials for your post-Super Bowl pain

On delivery platforms, drink brand offers cures for game-day-induced ailments

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Feb 11, 2022
Vita Coco: The Hangover Shop

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For all the prep that goes into a winning Super Bowl party—the snacks, the beer, the plasticware, the extra chairs—what about the day after? Don’t set yourself up for an L this weekend by not preparing for your Monday morning hangover. To help you out, coconut water brand Vita Coco will debut its “Hangover Shop” and “Hangover Subscription” just in time to clean up after your football festivities.

Starting February 14, the “Hangover Shop” debuts on major delivery apps, including Doordash, Postmates, Uber Eats and Grubhub, in New York, Los Angeles and Miami. It’s stocked with everything a sufferer might need, including Advil, DiGiorno pizza, candy, eye masks, ice cream and, of course, Vita Coco. The products can also be purchased in pre-selected bundles called “The Self Care,” “The Bed Rest” and “The Veg Head.”

But if that’s too much work, Vita Coco will make it even easier with its “Hangover Subscription.” Rather than receiving coconut water bundles every week, month or other consistent period of time, the brand will send its hydrating product in advance of major holidays, such as the Super Bowl, St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July—i.e. hangover hotspots.

The Hangover Shop

“We always knew that coconut water was great to drink after a night out, and with the launch of ‘The Hangover Shop’ and ‘The Hangover Subscription,’ we are making hangover recovery as easy as a walk to the fridge or a doorstep delivery,” said Jane Prior, CMO at The Vita Coco Company, in a statement. “Vita Coco is packed with electrolytes and nutrients that are naturally hydrating. Our new coconut water-powered hangover remedies are perfect for anyone looking to recover with a better-for-you product.”

More information about Vita Coco’s hangover packages can be found on the campaign’s website. The brand will also offer discounted rides through Lyft from Sunday to Monday to make sure everyone gets home from their Super Bowl parties safely. Entering code “COCOMODE” in the Lyft app will transform its cars into coconuts and offer a $10 discount on rides.