VMLY&R and BabyQuest launches the first-ever digital platform that helps those struggling with infertility find employers that cover their treatment

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Apr 26, 2022


Nearly 60% of the US population rely on employers to access healthcare. However, 70% of companies choose to exclude an essential coverage – infertility – leaving 16 million American women without treatment – which costs up to $25,000 each attempt. Unable to afford a chance to have a child, they take on massive debts, wipe their savings, even sell their homes in the pursuit of parenthood. Working for a company that covers fertility care would remedy the financial burden of treatment. However, most employers don’t disclose benefit details upfront, and infertility isn’t a topic candidates feel comfortable asking during job interviews.

VMLY&R and BabyQuest together created a web tool and database that allows people to easily search and determine whether a company will cover fertility coverage in their insurance - called Fertility Finder - giving people the power to test companies for fertility coverage.

“Fertility Finder by Baby Quest is an extension of our already successful grant program, providing valuable information that connects millions who struggle with infertility with companies that cover the procedures they need to get pregnant,” said Pamela Hirsch, Co-Founder of BabyQuest Foundation.

Users can input the name of the company and those that have been input into the database will appear with a positive symbol. Additionally, if that company has current positions open, those job listings will appear on screen. The digital tool uses a job vacancy API to integrate listing data from multiple job boards across the public domain.

Fertility Finder connects women struggling with infertility to US employers who offer fertility treatment through company-based health insurance.

All visitors need to do is type in the name of an employer in our test stick interface. In case of positive results, an integrated job vacancy API pulls up job openings in that company in real-time, from multiple job boards across the public domain, including LinkedIn, indeed and Monster.com.


Apr 26, 2022
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