Volvo wants to make your electric car greener by offering you green energy at home

Company collaborates with Belgium's Eneco to appeal to environmentally conscious drivers

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Jan 22, 2019

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Volvo's latest campaign aims to get you not just driving its electric cars, but charging them with greener energy.

At the Brussels Motor Show, the marque launched a campaign called "Volts by Volvo" that offers electric car drivers a green energy contract for their homes. Marketed as "the most competitive green energy contract for your house on the market," it offers energy generated from both wind and solar, provided by green energy expert Eneco.

The campaign, by Famous Grey, is being promoted on social media, with the goal of encouraging drivers of electric and plug-in hybrid cars to charge their car without leaving an impact on the environment.

It's only available in Belgium at present, but it's an idea we can see going global--with the partnership of other energy providers and perhaps, other car brands.