Vroom Invites Marketers to Turn Their Products Into a Platform for Childhood Learning

Co-Branding Initiative Asks Brands to Make Packaging an Educational Tool

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Jan 29, 2016

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Time-strapped and resource-limited parents now need to look no further than a box of cereal or a can of beans to help their kids learn. Vroom, an inspiring initiative from the Bezos Foundation and agency Johannes Leonardo, is helping moms and dads make the most of their children's early cognitive development by turning packaged goods into a platform for learning.

The co-branding initiative invites marketers to place Vroom's brain games and tips on their boxes, bags or labels. In the process, mealtime, bathtime or even diaper changing become learning opportunities for the little ones, while enhancing quality interaction between parents and kids. Each tip caters to the age of the child who might be using that particular product. So far, J&J and Goya have added Vroom tools to their products. A Vroom app also provides more lessons and activities.

For the past two years the Bezos Family Foundation and Johannes Leonardo have worked together to find ways to give children from all backgrounds an equal chance to learn and grow. Vroom directly aims to close the learning gap faced by kids in lower income families.The background video, seen here, states that at birth, there's no difference in cognitive abilities among infants, but once they reach nine months, there's a measurable gap in those raised in low income households.

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