Walmart turned a poem by a store manager into an ad

'Hearts of Magic' lyrics were penned by Arizona employee Trizz Myles and inspired by his colleagues

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May 22, 2020

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Walmart has turned a poem penned by a department manager at a San Tan Valley, Arizona, store into a video it’s publishing across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. “Hearts of Magic” was filmed after hours at Store 3751 where Terrell “Trizz” Myles works, with help from FCB, Lobo and Man Made Music. (The virtual nature of his face mask is permissible under current policy, since the store was closed and there are obviously no shoppers passing by.) In a blog post, Myles says, he was inspired by fellow associates and wrote the skeleton of the poem in about 15 minutes. Myles is deaf in his right ear but can still feel vibrations in it. “Music is the only thing that kicks it off,” he says. “So every time I listen to music, music is like what makes me complete, in a way.” This follows a March ad in which Walmart drew on a group of employees singing “Lean on Me.”

Words of Myles’ “Hearts of Magic” are below:

In times of darkness the sun still shines regardless

And I think that that's a reminder...that light will always harness

The power to break through fear

Dry tears 

Right here 

Our home 

stays home 

if we all just stay home 

And cherish all the memories

And dreams left to fulfill

This one message that will

Reach cashiers at the till 

Reach those stocking the shelves 

Reach those asking for help 

We play the cards we've been dealt...

But together I know that we have a betting chance 

Socially distance but mentally we're holding hands

In this together whatever endeavor we will treasure the better times

And recognize that we are an important part in each other's lives

As I send this message to men women and children

This world is our home so we all should care for the building 

The storm is raging on but sun shines after a blizzard

I'm a Walmart Whizard an associate with heart of magic 

Like all my Walmart family together we make it happen 

Live better together, together let's make it happen